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The City

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Founded by the Etruscans of Volsinii (Orvieto), they lived here from 6th century BC leaving in their necropolis (Le Piane, San Bernardino) domestic utensils and other objects which are on display in the Vatican Museum.

Virgil record in the Aeneid, the encounter of hortinae classes (Orte’s fleet or army) against Aeneas. In two battles of Lake Vadimone (309 and 283 BC) Rome had its decisive victory over the Etruscans and in the beginning of 1st century BC made Orte a “municipium”.

Villas and farms were built and they benefited from the passage of the Via Amerina and of the great fluvial port of Seripola, strengthened during Augustean Age.

In the beginning of seventh century, with the spread of Christianity, Orte became a bishopric and the Byzantines built a fortress: these are evidence of the developing of Orte in the Tiber area.

After being claimed by the Lombards, the town further expanded in the half of 9th century, with the foundation of a second cathedral (today Santa Maria Assunta) and the strengthening of urban walls. Occupied by Arabs and retaken in 914, Orte increased its control of the river, contending the supremacy with Amelia, Narni and Farfa abbey.

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